YEED® adjustable wood pedestals

Adjustable pedestals for YEED® slabs

Height adjustment of YEED® pedestals

Innovative solutions for landscaping

DALVITEC DISTRIBUTION is the official distributor in Quebec of the product line of YEED GROUP, a French company manufacturing fixed and adjustable pedestals, as well as finishing accessories for easy and optimal layout of outdoor spaces.

A range of YEED adjustable supports for patios or wooden or slab terraces with the "Made in France" guarantee, a sign of trust and durability.

Landscapers, architects, urban planners, and building and landscaping contractors recommend them. Contact us now.

Supports Terrace or Balcony Slab

    These pedestals meet European standards and are made from recycled, certified materials, designed for easy use as they are compatible with wooden, aluminum and composite joists. They are of good quality and have a great durability because rot-proof. Their height ranges from 8 to 700mm.

    YEED® pedestals receive different types of coatings such as concrete slabs with various finishes: ceramic, stone, marble slabs or natural or composite wood slats on wood, metal or PVC joists.

    Application areas

    A selection of products developed by construction contractors, landscapers and architects, intended for the creation and leveling of wooden, composite or slab structures, both for exteriors and interiors. Their use facilitates the layout and optimization of exterior and interior spaces in various contexts, such as:

    • Industrial sites
    • Shopping centers
    • Housing
    • Offices
    • Hotels, restaurants, roof terraces or rooftops
    • Beaches, swimming pools, spas
    • Pedestrian spaces.
    Media Applications

    The supports have a wide variety of applications and are used in different landscaping projects, including:

    • Trade shows and exhibitions
    • Festivals, Concerts and Fashion Shows
    • Campsites
    • Structures on stilts
    • Architectural differences.
    Other media applications