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YEED Adjustable Pedestals FAQ

1/ What is the advantage of adjustable supports?

Adjustable pedestals eliminate the need for a concrete slab, providing an affordable and creative solution for deck construction. No joints between slabs or wooden strips are required, allowing design flexibility. In addition, the pedestals make it easier to hide the cables under the terrace and prevent the accumulation of water thanks to an integrated drainage system.

2/ How many plots per square meter are needed for a slab/wood terrace?

Consult the tables available in the product sheets or the pedestal calculator to determine the number of pedestals necessary according to your project.

3/ What is the resistance of the pads?

YEED pedestals resist up to 1 ton of load. They are also resistant to water, chemicals, UV, frost (-40°C) and heat (60°C).

4/ How to install the studs?

The pedestals should ideally be installed on a flat, level surface. They can also be placed on an existing terrace.

5/ Can we place the pedestals directly on unleveled ground?

Yes, by using the range of self-leveling pedestals which can compensate for up to 5% slope. For classic pedestals, use a self-leveling base in addition. However, the ground must be stabilized. The studs do not prevent the effects of freezing and thawing.

6/ How to literally close a wooden or slab terrace?

To close a wooden terrace, use the covering support or the YEED ClipSystem for an optimal finish. For a slab terrace, use a slab plate with the covering support or the YEED ClipSystem.

7/ What tools should I use for installing slab/wood pedestals?

You will need a square, a tape measure, a spirit level, a drill driver, a jigsaw, a hammer, a large ruler and a chalk line.

8/ What types of covering materials can be used on pedestals?

All types of materials can be used, such as tiles, slabs, porcelain stoneware, wood, composite, etc.

9/ How to choose the height of the pedestals?

Measure the distance between the floor and the threshold of your door or bay window. Subtract the thickness of your wooden slabs or planks to determine the height of the pedestals.

10/ Where do the YEED plots come from?

YEED pedestals are made in France, near Lyon, from recyclable material.

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