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Guide de montage patio bois sur plots


Wooden patio assembly guide

You will find information from A to Z for assembling your wooden patio, the list of necessary tools, the installation steps and professional advice.

Tableau de calcul de plots bois et dalle


Calculation of pedestals for wooden and slab patios

Prepare your project by calculating the number of pedestals you will need.



YEED Catalog

The new YEED digital catalog presents the products, but also the manufacturer's commitments, their partners, technical product information and advice for use.


Technical sheets for wood pedestals

Wooden terrace pedestal 8/20 mm

Wooden terrace pedestal 25/40 mm

Wooden terrace pedestal 40/60 mm

Wooden terrace pedestal 60/90 mm

Wooden terrace pedestal 90/150 mm

Wooden terrace pedestal 150/260 mm

Terrace pedestal 60/90 mm for post

Technical sheets for slab pedestals

8 mm slab terrace pedestal

Terrace pedestal slab 8/20 mm

Terrace pedestal slab 25/40 mm

Terrace pedestal slab 40/60 mm

Terrace pedestal slab 60/90 mm

Terrace pedestal slab 90/150 mm

Slab terrace pedestal 150/260 mm

Accessories technical sheets

60 mm extension for terrace pedestal

110 mm extension for terrace pedestal

Cover support for pedestal | Terrace finishing

Self-leveling disc for terrace pedestal

Slab plate for terrace pedestal

Noise damper wedge terrace slab pedestal