L’importance du drainage des patios et l’avantage de l’utilisation de plots

The importance of patio drainage and the benefit of using pedestals

The availability of water is crucial, but too much water can also be detrimental, especially to structures exposed to the typical weather and natural elements found in our region. Inadequate or, worse, the absence of a proper drainage system can lead to significant damage.

Conventional methods involve constructing a sloping, waterproofed floor to guide water toward a drain and applying a waterproofing layer beneath to prevent water infiltration into the substrate. However, this approach has its limitations.

Sloping floors can pose structural challenges during construction, potentially compromising the integrity of your waterproofing. This may result in costly reapplications of the membrane.

An elevated or bracketed flooring system, while not impervious to the natural wear and tear of the membrane, can substantially extend its lifespan. The advantages are evident: air circulation in the space between the floor and the laying surface (crawl space) helps combat humidity and shields the membrane from UV damage.

The need for a sloping ground is eliminated, as the pedestals can be adjusted to create a drainage slope on the support. This results in a perfectly level floor with gaps between each joist or slab, allowing water to flow off the laying surface.

There are various scenarios where an exterior drainage solution using a pedestal floor is ideal:

1. **Balcony Drainage:** Inadequate balcony slope can lead to moisture buildup, potentially causing structural damage. Incorporating a pedestal flooring solution during the design phase ensures long-term structural stability.

2. **Wooden Patio Drainage:** Effective drainage is essential for wooden patios, as standing water can shorten their lifespan, including the substrate. Properly preparing the ground with drainage materials and a floor-on-pad solution ensures a level deck with excellent drainage.

3. **Sloping Surface Drainage:** The slope of a surface (1% for paving, 2% for grass) determines drainage. Achieving good drainage involves leveling the slope and installing base pipes to channel water away. A pedestal floor system can create a perfectly level surface by adjusting each pedestal to compensate for height variations of up to 5%.

If you'd like to learn more about the pedestals suitable for your project, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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