L'aménagement extérieur : une vraie plus-value pour votre bien

Landscaping: real added value for your property

Undoubtedly, an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space layout is essential for enhancing the value of your property. Whether you live in the city with limited space, own a countryside chalet, or reside in a stunning architect-designed home, a meticulously planned and professionally executed layout will undoubtedly add value.

Here's an illustrative project, presented with gratitude from Maison Saint-Gobain, that showcases this accomplishment through images.

Here's what will be implemented to enhance the modern and high-quality style of this new architect-designed home:

- Incorporate varying levels to add depth and dimension.
- Divide the space into distinct, purpose-defined areas: a relaxation space, a dining area, and a lounge area.
- Seamlessly integrate all elements into the architecture, ensuring a harmonious and minimalist contemporary design, including shade sails, a pergola, railings, and the terrace.

And here is the final outcome:

An aesthetically pleasing ensemble that offers areas to balance the indoor spaces with sun protection and a relaxed ambiance.

Key aspects of the project include:

  • Distinct relaxation and dining zones for clear separation.
  • Utilization of varying levels for added volume and striking visual effects.
  • Convenient side walkways to ensure smooth circulation.
  • Low-maintenance surfaces and premium materials that define your home's surroundings.

Pro Tip: With YEED pedestals, you can effortlessly create elevations that allow for the passage of electrical cables, water drainage, or even create intelligent storage solutions for garden accessories at the end of the season.

Get in touch with your landscaping professional. Your project will be anything but ordinary!

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