Solutions révolutionnaires pour les terrasses extérieures : les dalles sur plot !

Revolutionary Solutions for Outdoor Terraces: Paver-on-Pedestal Tiles!

If you want to give your outdoor terrace a fresh, eye-catching look, there's an option that's making waves: paver-on-pedestal systems. This raised floor system relies on clever, adjustable pedestals, creating an open space underneath for routing cables, facilitating airflow, and enabling drainage.

The commercial applications of this pedestal paver flooring are well-established, but it's also gaining popularity among homeowners for their outdoor terraces. And the reasons are plentiful!

First and foremost, one of the main advantages of adjustable pedestal outdoor flooring is its quick installation. Once the ground is properly prepared, all you need to do is place the pedestals at regular intervals, using our calculator, across the desired area and build the terrace framework on top.

In addition to this ease of installation, pedestal systems can be deployed on sloping or uneven surfaces. Thanks to the ability to individually adjust each pedestal with the self-leveling disk accessory, you can achieve a flat, stable, and perfectly level terrace surface, even on rough substrates.

But that's not all! Pedestal outdoor flooring also provides easy access to the space underneath, making repairs and maintenance a breeze. Moreover, it allows for optimal air circulation and promotes water drainage, thus preventing moisture issues.

Thanks to this clever service zone, wiring outdoor entertainment elements becomes a breeze. Imagine sound systems, lighting, or even an outdoor kitchen, with all the cables neatly concealed under your beautiful terrace. That's why they're also used in events, concerts, or festivals.

What makes this system even more appealing is that it can be installed on any surface. Whether it's a balcony, a terrace, or even a rooftop, whether it's wood, tiles, stone, concrete, or composite, no surface resists this ingenious solution.

And that's not all! Since this system is lightweight and entirely portable, you can easily move it to another location in your garden if you decide to reconfigure your outdoor space in the future.

So, don't wait any longer to explore our collection of YEED paver pedestals and bring your dream terrace to life!
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