D'où vient le mot "patio" ?

Where does the word “patio” come from?

We have dedicated this blog post to a word commonly used in the landscaping profession: "patio."

The word "patio" has its roots in the Latin words "pateo" and "paseo," possibly derived from the verb "pasear," which means "to go for a walk outdoors." Originally, it referred to the inner courtyard of a house, often square in shape and open to the sky. In some countries, the patio represented the very heart of a dwelling, starting with Spain and the countries of Latin America. In fact, the term "patio" is a Spanish word from the 15th century, which may have originated from the Latin "pactum," meaning "the pact" or "the agreement," or from "patere," meaning "to be open."


The Patio, Center of the Home

In Mediterranean countries such as Spain, Greece, and the Maghreb, houses are typically designed with an inward orientation, both to shield them from the heat and to preserve the privacy of the residents by isolating them from the outside. In some homes, windows are even absent, leaving the patio responsible for providing illumination to the interior. The patio floor can be covered with tiles, granite pavers, or sandstone pavers."

The Importance of the Fountain

At the heart of the patio, you often find a fountain or a basin that collects rainwater. This fountain serves a decorative purpose, especially in mosques where ablutions take place indoors. Mentioning the word 'patio' immediately transports us to the North African riads, with their vibrant colors in Marrakech and mosaics in Tunis.


Western Patios

In today's world, patios have also found their place in Western homes. They are often designed with gardens, tables, and chairs, serving as outdoor living spaces.

In Quebec, it sometimes happens that the term "patio" is used to simply refer to a wooden, composite, ceramic tile, or stone terrace. Some patios are covered with a glass roof, transforming into true winter gardens.

Modern Patios

If you're a landscaper in Canada seeking solutions for the construction of modern patios, adjustable pedestals are an option to consider. YEED products distributed by Dalvitec Distribution are designed to create perfectly leveled, weather-resistant, and easy-to-maintain patio surfaces while supporting heavy loads to ensure the durability of your patio.

In conclusion...

The word 'patio' is a term that has traversed time and cultures, becoming an essential element of architecture and outdoor living. Whether you're planning to build a patio in line with Mediterranean traditions or wish to create a contemporary space for relaxation, the adjustable pedestal range of YEED products distributed by Dalvitec Distribution can assist you in realizing your project.

Transform your outdoor spaces into true havens of peace where you can relax and rejuvenate in tranquility.

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