Où puis-je me magasiner les plots réglables bois ou dalle YEED®?

Where can I purchase YEED® wood or slab adjustable pedestals?

YEED ® adjustable supports are the ideal tool for the construction of structures in wood, composite or different types of slab They are now available in Quebec.

These adjustable YEED ® pedestals allow you to easily cover a floor, create flat surfaces on slopes, beautify outdoor spaces and even create architectural levelings in height indoors.

If you have plans to build or develop a terrace, a balcony, or any other surface such as forecourts, esplanades, concert or festival spaces, and you would like to obtain one, contact us by phone or email because we are developing our distribution network and are currently looking for partners, distributors and resellers. Join the YEED ® adventure with us!

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