Le toit terrasse pour profiter du beau temps

The roof terrace to enjoy the good weather

One of the best ways to create added value from your property is to increase its surface area with quality fittings. Creating space depends on architecture.

If you have a flat surface in height, it is time to take advantage of it by installing a roof-top. You can enjoy the view on summer days and bring greenery to your urban space. By using studs, you will avoid drilling the roof slab.

Houzz lets you find ideas that can be brought to life through your trusted contractor, but before a few tips.

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Before embarking on purchases and requests for quotes, check that this is authorized by your trustee. Also, be sure to follow the condo's layout rules. Make sure the fit-out style is coordinated with the style and architecture of the property to ensure approval.


Lighting plays an important role. It is the key element to create an atmosphere at the end of the day. Recessed spotlights with wooden slats or places you want to highlight such as planters, walls, Zen fountains, shrubs.

The weight

Another element that must be taken into account is the weight of the average load that said roof can support. This is measured per square meter, ranging from 100 to 200 kilos per m². If you plan to put a hot tub, a pergola and pots, the weight must be well distributed over the surface and take into account the load-bearing walls, the construction materials, the drain pipes, the insulation/sealing, the shape and the size of the roof.

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