A range of YEED adjustable supports for patios or wooden or slab terraces with the "Made in France" guarantee, a sign of trust, accessibility and durability.

YEED pedestals and accessories range

Resistance and Adaptability

YEED®'s experience in terms of the adaptability, versatility and resistance of its adjustable pedestals is confirmed by numerous achievements around the world.

  • Maintaining the waterproofness of the floors: it is not necessary to drill or glue.
  • Can be installed on various substrates: waterproof floors, stabilized gravel, stone terraces, tiles, bitumen, wood.
  • Suitable for sloping ground.
  • Allow drainage of rainwater.
  • It is possible to pass electrical wiring, pipes and ducts under the coating and between the studs.
  • Allow the integration of crawl spaces, inspection hatches, gutters and evacuation grids for rainwater.
  • Ease of maintenance thanks to the possibility of dismantling.
  • Provide natural floor insulation, both acoustically and thermally.

    Resistance to weights

    Supports loads of more than 1000 kg

    Resistance to corrosive substances

    chemical solutions or acids


    Resistance to temperature variations ranging from -40°C to 60°C


    Resistance to bad weather: rain, frost, heatwave, drought...

    Three types of products

    To meet the needs of your developments, YEED Groupe offers three types of products


    Wood blocks

    A complete range of pedestals for fitting out wooden or composite patios.



    Slab pedestals

    A complete range of pedestals for the development of patios in slab, stone, cement.



    The accessories

    A range of accessories for quality finishes for your layout.